About Micro Narm Afzar

Micro Narm Afzar Manufacturing Company (MNA) was founded in 1985 with the aim of providing specialized products and services for IT & security industry and then perseverance, knowledge and ability of its manpower and management led to the development and expansion of technical activities in the field of electronic and manufacturing engineering.

In the next steps, by entering the field of video surveillance and security systems ,MNA has increased its activities and in this regard, it has been considered as one of the powerful companies with the cooperation and representation of several international foreign companies and also with the cooperation of more than 190 domestic representatives in the supply and support of advanced products in the fields of security system and IT.

And now with the production of Iranian brand (MNA) as one of the largest domestic manufacturers and using the latest technologies in the world, it has been able to obtain the satisfaction of a wide range of governmental sector and private organization in the whole country.

Now, MNA with valuable management experience in nearly 4 decades, specialized activities and existence of research and development department, along with enormous investment in the fields of design ,and production of modern and advanced technology products as a knowledge-based company, has reinvested in the development of its activities by launching new production lines in its factory with an area of 8000 square meters in Parand Industrial Zone.

Business activity summary

  • Design, production, supply and implementation of video surveillance and security systems
  • Design, production and supply of metal parts and electronic service kiosks (Banking Kiosk , Information Kiosk , Ticketing Kiosk,…)
  • Design, production and supply of led lighting
  • Design, engineering and implementation of a local, remote networks (LAN, WAN , Wireless ,Fiber Optic,…)
  • Production of advanced technology products and nanotechnology-based materials

Membership and Certificate

  • Operation license of ministry of industry, mine and trade in the field of video surveillance and security systems
  • Ranking of supreme council of informatics from strategic deputy of the presidency
  • Certificate of National Union of Technical Companies of security system Engineering and Safety Networks
  • Certificate of Iran Information Technology Manufacturers Syndicate
  • Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Industry, Mine and Trade ranking
  • Tehran University Science and Technology Park Certificate
  • Obtaining standard certificate of products from authorized laboratory of standard organization according to international standards
  • Competency certificate of industrial companies