Design, production and supply of LED lighting :

Considering the importance of energy saving, methods that can be improved in the field of energy production or consumption have been considered. One of the most important methods of optimization of energy consumption is to replace inflammatory, gas and fluorescent lamps with a new type of lamps called LED lamps.

MNA company has produced various led lighting by recognizing this important also having advanced facilities for producing electronic products, light advanced laboratory and utilizing the technical experts.

Design and production of LED lighting types :

   Types of Bubble Lamps;

  • Ceiling panels with dimensions of 30*30, 30*60, 30*120, …
  • Round and square ceiling lights
  • Types of outdoor Flood light
  • Industrial Lights
  • Street Lights
  • Types of decorative lights

Facilities of this department:

  • Advanced machinery and equipment for electronic boards production
  • Automatic testing machines
  • Facilities and machinery for manufacturing metal and plastic parts
  • Kamoyer Rail Assembly Line
  • Electronic Quality Control department
  • Quality Control department for Temperature and Heat Tests
  • Quality Control IP65, IP66, IP67 tests
  • Research and Development department
  • Expert staff and technical knowledge
  • Packaging department