Manufacturing metal parts and laser cutting:


Micro Narm Afzar Company has up-to-date facilities for designing, manufacturing and producing various metal parts and equipments by utilizing advanced machinery and equipment in the field of producing various parts and metal equipment.

Design and manufacture of metal boxes and Telecommunication Outdoor Telecommunication Cabinet

MNA Company as one of the manufacturers of passive equipment and cable Tray , network systems and telecommunication equipment such as telecommunication Outdoor Telecommunication Cabinet ,network tracks, metal box types, cable trays, cable ladders and metal trenking using mechanized production lines and specialist personnel, its products in accordance with international and domestic standards.

Types of Outdoor Telecommunication Cabinet

Outdoor Telecommunication Cabinet are installed as a interface and distribution system in networks based on copper cable and fiber optic and are used to provide audio, video, and data transmission services.

Product Features:

  • Installable on concrete platform
  • High protection against water and dust penetration
  • Access to the kafu through two edges
  • Body material
  • Proper ventilation
  • Entrances on the floor and body of Outdoor Telecommunication Cabinet
  • Easy installation and maintenance