Implementation of video surveillance systems :

Considering the sensitivity and importance of video surveillance systems, one of the important concerns of employers is the process of installation and commissioning of video surveillance systems.

Therefore, the project implementation requires sufficient experience and knowledge and must be done from design to after sales services by experienced and equipped team.

Since all stages of project implementation are affected by different environmental conditions and natural and abnormal events if there is not enough accuracy in the implementation process, technical problems will be usually known shortly after the completion of project, which will lead to reduction of total efficiency of the project, reduction of image quality and unstable connection between different components of infrastructure.

Obviously, there will be significant security for the project employer if the project is executed correctly.

MNA Company offers its services in the field of installation and implementation of projects according to the needs defined in the project for the following esteemed employers.

  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Telecommunication and passive Operations
  • Implementation of structured and infrastructure networks
  • Installation of active equipment